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girls with dreads :$
they say don’t cry.
Fact, one day you’ll never see me again.
Because i won’t life in belgium anymore.
one day, i’m going to met the girl of my live.
Then i’m going to marry her and never i will never let her go again.

But when is that day?
Are u perfect enough? do you ever make some mistakes? Do your friends forgive you for your mistake yeaah i guess so, but do you forgive me for something i didn’t knew i hurted you with that crap? noo you don’t. So don’t judge, judge yourself for blaming me. You blame me that i mess up, but pls you did that a lot with me but did i ever blame you?  No i didn’t.
Stop taking things so personal, you’ll get farther in live.
grtss me
let’s go drunk and forget anybody and everything.
i hope, i going to find the firl of my life